Step 1: PreviewsEdit

Lotus Exige S Roadster (Solar Yellow)

Releasing your vehicle will require previews of every livery that is included in you package.

Then upload your pics. To do that, you can click the "Add a Photo" at the right of any page on this website.

Please name each of your pics using the following example. It will make things easier for all the other users of the wiki. Note: you can edit the name of your pic while uploading it.

Name of the vehicle (Name of the livery).jpg

Step 2: Create your pageEdit

Click the "Create a new page" tool in your toolbar. (If you don't have that, please see there)

Enter the name of the page. It should look like this:

Name of the vehicle Year

Once that is done, open the "Source" view. You will find a button on the top right of your screen.

Paste the following in there:

{{infobox vehicle
 | title         = 
 | image         = yourpic.jpg
 | imagewidth    = 210
 | imagecaption  = 
 | year          =
 | propulsion    =
 | weight        =
 | power         =
 | torque        =
 | speed         =
 | acceleration  =
 | wpr           =
 | transmission  =
 | versions      =
 | link          = [ Link]
 | tenth         =
 | eleventh      =
 | twelfth       =

== Description ==

== Liveries included ==

<gallery type="slideshow" position="left">

== Community liveries for this vehicle ==

===Historical liveries===

<gallery type="slideshow" position="left">

===Custom liveries===

<gallery type="slideshow" position="left">

== Updates ==
[[Category:Released Vehicles]]

Step 3: Edit your informationEdit

You can now edit the information located in the infobox from that view. You can use the "Preview" button to see what your page looks like.

Then, go back to the "Visual" view, where you will be able to easily add your pics, description, etc.

Once all the info is in there, click the "Publish" button.

Note: you can add a gallery with pics of different angles, or even a youtube link in the description

Step 4: Add your vehicle to the listEdit

Go to the vehicles list page. Here is a direct link:

Edit the list using the classic editor (if you don't know how to do that, please see here).

Simply add your vehicle where it belongs (vehicles are sorted by brand an year), and don't forget to indicate the version number of your mod. Example:

YEAR Name of the vehicle (v1.0)

Now, create a link to the page you just created. To do that, select "YEAR Name of the vehicle" and click the "Add link" button on the top of the editor.

In the first text bar, remove "YEAR ". It should now find your page automatically. Click on it, click ok, publish, done.

Step 5: Let people know about itEdit

Your mod has successfully been added to the website.

Now you can let people know about it by making a quick announcement in there.

Don't forget to make an announcement for each of your updates as well later on. You can do it there.

Step 6: Delete WIPEdit

Once your mod is released, please don't forget to remove it from the WIP list and to delete the WIP page.

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