Lotus Exige Scura
Lotus Exige Scura
Some attributes
Year 2009
Propulsion RWD
Weight 925 kg
Power 257 bhp
Torque 243 Nm
Top Speed 245 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 4.1 s
Weight/Power Ratio 3.60 kg/cv
Transmission H-Pattern
Versions STD
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Part of the original game
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Description Edit

Lotus Cars unveils its latest special edition - the Exige Scura, so called due to its dramatic matt black and carbon fibre theme, at the Tokyo International Motorshow on 21st of October 2009.

Translated as 'dark' from Italian, the name 'Scura' reflects the stealth character of this already fierce looking Lotus and its stunning soft-feel matt black paint finish. Limited to just 35 cars globally, this Exige evokes a desire to 'indulge your dark side'.

Whilst there is no doubt that this is a visually stunning car, the Exige Scura is not just about its looks - it begs to be taken on track, and its racing character encompasses poise, power and technology to make it a serious contender. Equipped with the most powerful engine in the Exige range and generating 260PS, the Exige Scura achieves a top speed of around 245 km/h and reaches 0-100 kmh in just 4.1 seconds.

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  • Scura

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