Lotus Evora GX
Lotus Evora GX (Battery Tender)
Some attributes
Year 2012
Propulsion RWD
Weight 1395 kg
Power 440 bhp
Torque 460 Nm
Top Speed 288 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 4.5 s
Weight/Power Ratio 3.32 kg/cv
Transmission In-Line Sequential
Versions STD
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Part of the original game
Other attributes

Description Edit

The GX and GTC Evoras are an advanced version of the Evora GT4 Enduro car. With wider wheels and stunning moulded wheel arches to cover them, the GX and GTC cars offer even greater levels of grip, both when cornering or accelerating, to the already outstanding performance of the Enduro car. The GX version is powered by slightly less powerful but more torquey engine. Has a bit better aerodynamics but no ABS or Traction Control. It is equipped with some compounds of the GT2 type of tyres and 120 litters of fuel tank.

Liveries included Edit

  • Battery Tender
  • Burnt Orange
  • Carbon Grey
  • Default
  • Motorsport Green
  • Phantom Black
  • Quartz Silver
  • Racing Green
  • Red
  • Solar Yellow

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