KTM X-Bow R (Orange)
Some attributes
Year 2011
Propulsion RWD
Weight 795 kg
Power 300 bhp
Torque 400 Nm
Top Speed 250 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 3.7 s
Weight/Power Ratio 2.65 kg/cv
Transmission H-Pattern
Versions STD
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Part of the original game
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Description Edit

The Philosophy. Ready to Race.

As different as cars and motorcycles may be, KTM has managed to transfer its development principles from two wheels to a sports car in every way. In this way the unique driving experience and the spectacular merits of the drive are not just dependent on the performance of the engine. Just as they have managed to do with motorcycles, the KTM developers have kept the weight of the vehicle extremely light by using the latest materials, an intelligent construction and a purist styling.

With the the KTM X-BOW R the product range of the super sports car with the carbon monocoque includes the most powerful version yet developed. The R is the result of concentrated further development of this spectacular lightweight sports car. In the rear of the R is a 300 h.p 2.0 Liter TFSI engine from Audi with a maximum torque of 400 Nm and this ensures an unbelivable driving experience both on and off the racing circuit, because naturally the KTM X-BOW R is homologated for use on the road.

Liveries included Edit

  • Blue
  • Carbon
  • Cyan
  • Dark Grey
  • Isotope Green
  • Lemon
  • Light Grey
  • Orange
  • red

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